Saitec Offshore Technologies’ new DemoSATH platform, a two MW floating wind turbine deployment in the Biscay Marine Energy Platform (BiMEP) in collaboration with RWE Offshore Wind & Kansai Electric Power (KEPCO), features a marine DTBird model V4N2D10 consisting of four daylight and two thermal cameras along with ten speakers. The platform will operate during two years, at two miles off the Basque coast, in Armintza. The project scope includes bird monitoring, collision recording and avoidance by means of sound deterrence and WTG shutdown.

Detailed engineering was performed between both companies to ensure the correct location, fixing and connection of all of the DTBird elements as the platform was onshore assembled together in different phases in the port of Bilbao, Spain over the past year.

The data gathered will provide more insights on the presence, behavior, and collision risk of the local and migratory birds.

We are grateful to Saitec for placing their trust in our system and once again work jointly in a pioneering project for the Spanish Offshore sector.

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 DemoSATH Platform

DTBird system Saitec DemoSATHSaitec nota DTBird 2

Upper photo: DemoSATH Platform. Author: Saitec

Lower photos: Close-up detail of the DTBirdV4N2D10 offshore system installed on the DemoSATH platform. Author: DTBird.